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Tatulli - Oils

Tatyana Komogorova (artist name Tatulli) was born in Moscow, Russia in 1968 and came to United States in 1991. She received her degrees first at Moscow State University and then at the University of New Mexico. For the last 25 years, she worked in the areas of Information Technology and Government.

Visual Art was always an inseparable part of her life. However, she was just “observing” and admiring beautiful paintings. It took her many years and miles of traveling to realize that she can make magic. The door has opened to the great hall of art and let her in. All her experiences and interests, love of nature, poetry and history are strongly imbedded in her art process. Art for her is happiness, which is the highest measure of life itself. She wonders why people ask, “How old are you?” instead of “How happy are you?” She believes that paintings, music, or words in a poem can bring happiness and harmony, like the delicate taste of citrus on the tongue or a sincere hug from a close friend. In her paintings, she intends to show emotions and feelings, the symbolic atmosphere, the mystery of our world and subconscious. Tatulli is very much influenced by symbolism and mysticism of Rossetti and Vrubel, as well as primitivism of Cézanne, Picasso, Kandinsky, and Chagall’s fauvism. She cares about light, color, symbols, composition, perception of the moment and not so much about realistic likeness. This artist creates hundreds of pieces of art in her head. They are like little fairy tales waiting to be told one day. When she gets to the canvas, her imagination fuses them with her current thoughts, feelings, and dreams. She uses oil or acrylic and a palette knife to create fusion images of real life and dreams in Alla Prima technique. This allows Tatulli to express herself intuitively in the moment of extreme happiness, freedom, and inspiration. For Tatulli, art opens new aspects of freedom, feminine energy, and existential truth about herself.

when nature smiles
eternal city
hidden observer
japanese dreams
midspring fantasy
charles bridge at dusk
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