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Steve Lueckenhoff -- Jewelry

Steve took a wire-wrapping class in 2013 and was hooked! His wire wrapping is very professionally done; he uses sterling silver wire for his more expensive pieces and parawire, a copper wire coated with silver then a non-tarnish finish for his less expensive pieces. All his necklaces come with chains.

He’s now mostly retired except for his jewelry creations but has been the owner/manager of three check cashing kiosks, managing all aspects of operations, budget, payroll, staffing, expenditures. He’s also been a critical care respiratory practitioner, providing adult and pediatric ventilator care and is currently training to perform diagnostic sleep studies. Steve has been a branch manager for a large national durable medical equipment and has been the director of respiratory/cardio pulmonary departments in four different health care systems. He also has invented and patented a medical device to control the tubing for home oxygen systems. It was selected to receive the 2012 Innovation Award by the New Mexico Small Business Assistance Program

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