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Molly Mooney - Fiber

In 2000, a move back across the country to Albuquerque, New Mexico, marked the beginning of a new chapter for me. We live in such a rich culture surrounded by beautiful Native American works that evoke awe and inspiration.


In 2015, I retired from full-time work to re-devote myself to my craft. But this time, I have discovered the triangle loom and the continuous strand weaving method. This technique allows me a great deal of creative freedom and is very satisfying to see the yarn colors, threads, fibers, beads, and buttons come to life as wearable art and items for your home.


I am enjoying the new community and I am an active member of the Las Aranas Spinners and Weavers Guild as well as the Bead Society of New Mexico.

molly mooney
changing directions &  magic kantha necklace_edited
molly blue
mooney red shawls_edited
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