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Ric La Ban -- Photography



It has been my experience that one can achieve a certain intimacy through photography.  My passion is exposing details that cannot be detected with the naked eye.  I find that I have been able to attain this goal by using any one of several lenses, depending on the situation.  One of my favorite captures is that of a Black Widow spider (Latrodectus hesperus)  revealing its fangs.  Of course, dragonflies, damselflies, butterflies, birds and ducks, among others, are just as satisfying to capture.  Flowers also rank right up there.  Iris, hibiscus and daffodil are just a few of my favorite flowers to glorify.

I also enjoy the challenge of capturing landscapes and images of architecture.  I have found that converting some of my landscape images to black and white more completely conveys the mood that I initially felt upon first viewing the scene.

Great Horned Owls - Southeast Utah-rss
I Must Have Taken A Wrong Turn At Albuquerque - rss
Near The Souvenir Stand By The Old Abandoned Factory-rss
If I Had A Voice, I Would Sing
Bletilla striata  - Japanese woodland orchid-rss
Black Chinned Hummer-rss
Big Red - A-rss
Female Flame Skimmer - Libellula saturata-rss
Cedar Waxwing III - rss
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