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Kevin Dooley - Painting

I was born in 1951 in Louisville Ky but have lived in Albuquerque for most of my life. I come from a family of artists and my father was my mentor. I was one of eight children and my older brother is also an established artist. My education includes a master’s degree in criminal justice followed by a career in corrections. After retiring from corrections worked at CNM as an instructor until I retired in 2019.

During my career in corrections, I taught art lessons to juveniles as a way to express themselves and they participated in painting murals in their living quarters.

I used my art to illustrate scenarios in the courses I taught, including animations. Students seemed to like this approach.

Since my retirement I published two novels under the pen name of Michael Hayden but have spent most of my time drawing and painting, which is my passion. The southwest has proven to be an inspiration for my work. I am also a member of the Rio Grande Art Association. I found a home with Yucca Art Gallery and am honored to be associated with artists displaying their work there.

Dooley Stormy Weather
Dooley Shiprock
Dooley Roundup
Dooley Rose
Dooley Native
Dooley Red Cloud
Dooley Mountains
Dooley Balloons
Dooley Lion
Dooley Church
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