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Roberta Parry -- Watermedia

I have worked with other media, but my true affinity is with watercolor.  I love its spontaneity, its freedom of flow, the surprises, and the challenge to master or at least control the independence of its gentle yet willful nature. I am particularly attracted to landscapes. Color and light are the elements that most strike my sensuous core, and transparent watercolor seems to best capture for me the vibrancy and translucence of sky, earth, water, and all that grows and travels therein. I may know where I want to go, but how to get there is always an adventure.


I have exhibited widely in group and solo gallery shows as well as in public spaces in the Santa Fe area.  I participated regularly in the annual Santa Fe Studio Tour. I was an Artist in Residence at the Inn and Spa at the Loretto of Santa Fe. My painting “Fallen but Not Bowed” was accepted for the national juried Watercolor USA 2016 exhibit at the art museum of Springfield, Missouri. Two of my paintings were selected for Albuquerque’s Hotel Andaluz Q3 Exhibit 2023.

Roberta Parry
Sunset and Succulents, Puerto Penasco
Texas Canyon, AZ
Rest in Peace
Pecos River
Pecos River Rocks and Trees
Fallen But Not Bowed
New Hampshire Autumn
Navajo Sheep, Monument Valley, UT
Kauai Sea Scape
Moenkopi Plateau
El Bosque Early Morning Reflections
Bryce Touched by Snow
Dawn Landing
Towers of the Virgin, Zion 180
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