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Marsha Gee - Pottery

 I guess I’ve always been a secret artist. After 35 years in a banking career, I decided to focus on revealing this part of me. Forays into painting, drawing, collage and gourd art didn't lift the veil but the moment I felt the squishy, earthy, malleable clay in my hands, I was hooked.

I started experimenting, reading and watching whatever I could find about  clay. Working with clay has taught me patience. No instant gratification here. Sometimes weeks go by before I open my kiln to reveal my creation, never exactly as I had envisioned yet I'm still intrigued to try again.

I wanted to make everything! 

Covid restrictions forced me to work alone at home, and with so much more time to devote to creating, I started sculpting garden-inspired totem poles, from 18 inches to 5 feet tall.  I've always found inspiration in nature. Whether serene or surprising, every detail tells a story. I try to capture a moment or an emotion in each totem piece. Be happy, life is beautiful!

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