Myra Gadson - Jewelry

Myra has a technical background and worked in Engineering and Design throughout her career until retirement in 2014.

She has been designing jewelry for the past 10 years and truly enjoys the opportunity to use her right brain!

At Tierra y Luz Studio, Myra designs contemporary jewelry with a southwest spin. Amongst Myra’s collections, you will
find unique combinations of gemstones that brings together colors of earthy yet refined harmony.

Often, Myra’s designs are a balance of rough and refined materials such as deerskin and pearls resulting in aesthetically pleasing jewelry that is invitingly comfortable.

Myra Gadson - Jewelry Designer
Kyanite and Sterling Silver
Tibetan Turquoise and Deerskin
Sodalite and Sterling Silver
Charoite and Sterling Silver
Freshwater Pearl and Sterling Silver
Spiny Oyster and Druzy
Red Coral and Sterling Silver