Rod Groves Reception, 4-15-2018 6

Then, as now, the gallery was a very social place, where customers often felt so comfortable that they'd frequently come in simply to chat with the artist who happened to be on duty that day. The gallery exhibited oils, watercolors, ceramics, pastels, jewelry, and drawings, and that mix--with some additions--continues today.


Yucca Art Gallery got its start on January 5, 1964, when 27 women with a strong desire to exhibit their work formed Old Town's first artist cooperative. The first year was a rugged one, for while the group was long on talent, it was a bit short on cash. Demonstrating the same cooperative spirit that still exists, members loaned everything from a desk and chairs to a coffee pot and a hot plate. Their families helped with remodeling, building shelves and painting to make the shop into an attractive gallery.





The co-op has held regular meetings since its earliest days to discuss the details involved in running a gallery. While the decisions the members made were never complicated, they nonetheless were crucial to the way the gallery looked and ran. The ideals of the founding members--cooperation in the gallery's operation and rule of the majority--are still held dear among the current membership.

Our gallery is located in an old carriage house with large ceiling beams, rounded stucco walls and brick floors, lending a southwest ambience and a tranquil atmosphere to explore our artworks and chat with our artists.