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Interested in Joining Yucca Art Gallery

This page offers information and documents for candidates interested in joining the Yucca Art Gallery, one of the oldest cooperative galleries in Albuquerque's Old Town, established in 1964. The success of our co-op depends on members working collaboratively and engaging with the public. Each artist contributes to various tasks to help the gallery thrive.


After reading the Membership Guidelines, candidates should fill out the application and submit it to the gallery. You will be interviewed by one of the curators and will need to present samples of your art at a member meeting. Ideally, the art pieces should include suggested prices. You will also give a brief talk about your background and artistic process. Admission to the gallery is subject to a juried review.

After Jury


  • Artist strengths:

  • Established artist with a track record in wall art, craft or jewelry

  • Artist work should be unique and of high quality

  • Other Gallery or cooperative experience

  • Physically able to work sales in the Gallery 2 days/month

  • Retail experience a plus

  • Being an artist's cooperative, artist must be willing to accept a functional role in the operation of the Gallery

You will be placed on a waiting list until an appropriate space in your medium becomes available. When space opens up, you will join as a "Guest Artist." After a six-month trial period, gallery members will review your work and performance and vote on your permanent membership. At this time, you will also have the opportunity to decide if you are comfortable continuing as a gallery member.

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