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Doreen Garten -- Jewelry 

Our studio practice explores the relationship between metal and media (stones, glass, and paper), drawing from foundations while questioning and investigating perceptions of the jewelry field. Although I have sketch books filled with jewelry designs, I don’t use them to create jewelry. Each stone/piece has a story, so I design each piece around the stone. All of our pieces are handmade here in the Southwest, therefore, no two pieces of jewelry are 100% identical, making each of them unique. No machining, no big tools, only our hands to create each piece that we hope you will cherish forever. 


Doreen’s husband, Mike, is the lapidary artist for her jewelry. After reading a report from the North Carolina Dept of Natural Resources, Mike went mining for rubies, sapphires, garnets, etc. This experience triggered Mike’s fascination of stones and the extraordinary expression each stone possesses. He carries the same passion when working, cutting, and polishing, with stones. 


I love being a designer of contemporary jewelry that have clean sleek lines - a modern minimalist. I strive that each piece tells a story. I give special attention is given to light, movement and the energy expressed in each pieces’ simple lines. Every part of our jewelry has been planned visually to make them simple, beautiful, and as engaging as possible!

roman glass
Doreen Garten
persian turquoise necklace
peruvian opal necklace
paisley bracelet
silver hoops earrings
copper bracelet
bold ring
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