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DL Horton - Fused Art Glass

I am a perfectionist. Glass is curing me. Colors change in the kiln, unexpected results appear and after 20 years I still come back for more. Glass simply enchants me and today, usually, it obeys my vision.

My current work includes both larger fused glass, mostly functional, a few purely artistic and a collection of dichroic fused glass jewelry. Differentiating techniques I enjoy are etching, which yields pieces with a soft matte glow, an uncommon appearance in glasswork.  Crushed glass can give a painterly feeling, become a bowl of tiny orbs or even imitate a riverbed. Exploring chemical reactions can result in halos of color or hairline details.

Dichroic glass, color-shifting and mesmerizing dominates my jewelry. From hand-etching designs to layers of laser cut images its light plays. Entire blocks of glass are fused from dozens of individual pieces of glass, sawn with a diamond saw, faceted on a diamond lap and refused as pendants.

All work entails multiple firings, extensive coldwork to perfect the tactile appeal and is fully annealed. Yeah, still a perfectionist.

dl horton, yucca gallery
dl horton_edited
multi color iradized lg file
horton jul19
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