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Susan Aamot - Oil

In 2015, Susan discovered her passion for “Plein Air” or painting outdoors.  She found it to be the perfect blend of enjoying her love of nature and fulfilling her need for creative expression.


When painting outdoors, Susan seeks to capture a special moment in time and/or a scene that depicts the beauty, essence, and uniqueness of the location she is painting.


Susan also creates in-studio paintings and does commission using the same principles of her plein air work.


Susan was formally trained and holds a BAFA from the College of Visual Arts in St. Paul, MN.

aamot spring-in-the-jemez
aamot wild-rivers-canyon
aamot range-horse
aamot sunrise-at-the-crack-in-the-earth
aamot santa-fe-backstreet
aamot jemez-afternoon
aamot kitchen-mesa
aamot placita-chapel
aamot peruvian-saddle
aamot civil-war-adobe
aamot church-at-golden
aamot galisteo-basin
aamot desert-vista
aamot a-galisteo-welcome
aamot behind-the-echo
aamot autumn-at-kitchen-mesa
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