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Bobbie Isaacson - Pastels

My delight in drawing and painting has led me to pastels - the perfect blend of both.  Pastel is a dry medium, so I can work on a painting all day or a quick sketch - with every color at my finger tips.

Pastel is pure pigment, mixed with binders to solidify it.  It can be both blended and linear, soft or hard.  For me, it has become my favorite medium.

My work represents places I am drawn to and that inspire me.  The Southwest holds many diversities - grand mountains, streams, great trees, beautiful sunsets, and unique architecture - all amidst the high desert.  I think figure drawing is a must for artists and I enjoy drawing the human form, as it represents the greatest challenge and is reflective of God's finest creation.


Dancer Isaacson
Issacson - Ditch
bobbie trees
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