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Stella Zelenika Acrylics, Mixed Media

Stella Zelenika, Acrylics, Mixed Media

Born and raised in Yugoslavia. Self-taught and have learned the hard way, which has made me even more persistent in practicing and creating my artwork. As an eclectic, I found satisfaction in focusing on different mediums and techniques. From a young age I had an artistic disposition and was intrigued by portraits. I also had a strong passion for expressing myself through writing and photography, but when I took up painting a whole new world exploded open for me. The world with an artist's eye and a poet's heart. I studied fine art and graphic design in New York, where I also developed an appreciation for contemporary art and photography. Later on, I fell in love with the natural beauty of New Mexican landscape. I enjoy the beauty, tranquility, and lush environment and culture this area affords. Art is the expression of a free soul and is the array that let me fully share the beauty I see and feel.
Seeking beauty is part of any creative endeavor.

Stella skyscape
Stella skull
Stella yellow pour
Stella lane
Stella Shiprock
Stella maiden
Stella Grand Canyon
Stella flower
Stella yellow tree
Stella bridge
Stella dragonfly
Stella cactus
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