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Why Buy Local?

Updated: Aug 1, 2021

1. Buying local helps the local economy. Small businesses & local artists play an important economic role in our local community through taxes and jobs.

2. Buying local helps to support your neighbors. Not only do we get to meet you, a person who gives us feedback about our work, but you help support us and help keep our cooperative gallery alive . You help feed our families, pay our bills, and put a roof over our family’s head. It is a huge deal to buy locally for this reason alone.

3. You know where the art work comes from and can get details from the maker about it was made & what went into it.

4. Buying local is actually better for the planet because there is no shipping.

5. There is way less packaging involved too.

6. You get to meet the artist, jeweler, weaver or craftsperson.

7. The experience is way more fun!

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