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Suzanne Klump - Photography

Suzanne Klump is a recent transplant to New Mexico, after retiring from 35 years as a lawyer in California.    She has had an interest in photography since Junior High when her dad lent her his Canon Camera.  Keeping it as a hobby she really delved into the picture taking life when she moved to the mountains in Southern California. In California and now New Mexico, Suzanne loves shooting in the outdoors, taking landscapes from morning sunrises to blazing red sunsets at night.  She has gone another step beyond that in turning photos into photo artwork. 

New Mexico has become her photographer's paradise.

buffalo dance_pe with name
taos pueblo church 1 copy
near ghost ranch small
wild horse small
sunrise over shiptrock land small
storm north of sandia small
steam clock
sedona smaall
sandia sunset small
harbor tide small
mountain sunrise small
clouds and birds - Copy
wild horses acoma-Recovered sqare adapted small
Ghost ranch entrance-denoise-severe-noise  small
almost sundown 2 adjusted luts small
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