Sarah Lovell - Clay and Mixed Media

I received my first degree from the Colorado Institute of Art and then was attending UNM for Ceramics when my son was born prematurely.

I then pursued my degree in nursing at UNM to gain the knowledge that I would need to care for my child that would have many health care needs.  That child has grown up into a healthy strong young man and I have recently been able to reunite with my passion for pottery while still working as a trauma ICU nurse.

Getting back to clay gives my life balance and rejuvenates my spirit so that I may care for my patients with a clear mind and an open heart.

I enjoy creating both functional and non-functional work.  All of my work is inspired by nature.  I love to bring nature into the functional world to brighten everyday life.  I also enjoy flirting with mixed media to go beyond the bounds of clay alone.  My work is wheel-thrown, hand built and often a combination of both.  Most of my work is cone 6 stoneware and is food/microwave/dishwasher safe.  The exceptions are the pieces I raku or fuse with glass.