Renee Brainard Gentz - Fiber

I was born in Albuquerque, and grew up in California and received my art degree
from San Jose State University and did post-graduate work at the University of
New Mexico. In 1994, when my youngest child started kindergarten, I then found the time to start doing art again. I dye and paint all my fabric, working with cotton and silk. Then I transform the fabric into vibrant fiber constructions and collages that have been described as "pure visual joy".


I am fascinated by the tonal value of color, rough versus smooth, structure versus chaos. Some work will be about those two different approaches, and some work uses both ideas. My designs are never predetermined, they develop as I go. I work in a deliberate and thoughtful manner until the design problem is solved in a sudden insight.

Renee Brainard Gentz

My goal as an artist is to communicate emotions in a non-verbal, non-objective way by using color and color combinations. I love that a connection between myself and another can happen regardless of time or distance.