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Penne Roberts - Pottery

As a potter, I enjoy figuring out how to make the things I see in my head and in my sketchbooks.  My imagination is piqued daily by all the information, history, and philosophy I read. My interest in the myriad possibilities of clay has not wavered over many years and the initiation of a new idea or technique is always exciting to begin and always exciting to complete.

When I create my work, I use whatever method works for making my idea come to life: whether thrown on the wheel, coiled, or built from a slab of clay.I have been producing functional and sculptural pottery in the invigorating high desert country of New Mexico for 48 years.  I have been teaching beginning to advanced pottery making for 40 years.

I love to travel, and have a deep connection and history with Ghost Ranch, outside of Abiquiu, NM.

penne and pottery
penne roberts
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