Marta Burckley - Gourds and Baskets

From earliest childhood, Marta was encouraged by remarkably creative parents to be inventive and innovative.


Marta earned a BA in Art Education from State University of New York system and taught in an elementary school near Buffalo. After a particularly cold and wretched winter, Marta and her husband Ron decided to head for warmer climes. Happily they were accepted for graduate studies at the University of New Mexico and in the late summer of 1966, they camped their way west to Albuquerque.


While Marta worked on her Master's degree, she became certified in elementary education. She taught for Albuquerque Public Schools until her retirement in 2002. She strove to have her classroom be an environment of exploration and originality for her students and herself.


Marta lives in the foothills of the Sandia Mountains. The years since retirement have been a period of artistic experimentation and growth. She draws inspiration and strength from the astounding beauty of New Mexico and strives to reflect that natural beauty in her work.

Pumpkin Seed
Knobby Gourd
Watermelon Basket
Marta's Display