Ken Duckert - Photography

I grew up exploring fields and farmlands in rural Michigan. Photography provides a meaningful way for me to maintain a personal connection with these early roots.  


As a boy I enjoyed photography, but got serious about it in the early 60’s. I worked as a photographer for 3 Detroit newspapers and photographed weddings.  While it was good work, I chose public education as my life career.  That decision provided a rewarding experience and time for travel. I maintained a travel blog that attracted a large audience and gave me a chance to show my work to the public.  


I committed early on to keep photography as an avocation and a source of enjoyment.  I never wanted commercialization to take away from the fun I had with a camera.  I’ve managed showing and offering my work for sale and keeping my personal needs alive and well. 


In 2011, I began showing my work in local galleries, businesses, public offices, restaurants and shows, and became active in the Corrales art community. I served as President of the Corrales Society of Artists, founded the Corrales Arts Partners, and served in a leadership role in the efforts to have Corrales designated as a New Mexico arts and cultural district.  I’ve taught wildlife photography workshops at Bosque del Apache and Monte Vista NWR, have won awards, and had many images published.  I’ve enjoyed seeing my work used extensively in public relations on the West Coast and in New Mexico.

Ken Duckert
Albuquerque Hot Air Balloon Fiesta
Cimarron Bison
Lady Rufous
Lesser Goldfinch & Summer Sunflower
Monument Valley Sunrise
Rufous Hummingbird
North Beach and the Sandias, Corrales, NM
Sara's Sunflower
Sky Carnival, Albuquerque Hot Air Balloon Fiesta
Taos Window
Ubiquitous Road Runner
Winter Portrait