Karen Jacobs - Ink Art

I have always been a nurturer. After raising a family and caring for my disabled mother for eight years, I now nurture using inks.

My creative process is akin to preparing a delicious pot of stew. Thrown into the pot are assorted ingredients, vivid colors and unique mediums. I don’t use a recipe, so my pot of stew never turns out the same! That organized chaos is what fuels my art. Each piece I create is unique and nourishes the artistic soul.

I studied under watercolor artists Barbara Marlin-Coole and Susan Adams in Petaluma, California. After moving to Arizona in 2008, I studied with Alice Van Overstraeten from Sun Lakes.

My art is displayed in New Mexico at Galleria Tamaya at the Hyatt Regency, Yucca Art Gallery in Old Town Albuquerque and Weems Art Gallery.

I now live in Placitas, New Mexico where I have a small art studio. Retired from the workforce, I am able to devote more time to art. My recent passion is ink on paper in a loose, free-style form. My scenes of the New Mexico area are noteworthy for their vivid colors and imaginative portrayals of the landscape.