Gene Lincoln - Wood

Gene is a retired Registered Nurse.  He served 22 years in the US Navy, nine years in local community health care, ten years in corrections medicine, and taught nursing for almost 4 years prior to his retirement.  Gene and Gretchen are high school sweethearts, married for 45 years.  They have two children and 5 grandchildren. They returned to Albuquerque in 1994 after Gene retired from the Navy.

A self-taught woodworker, Gene has been crafting wood projects for 40 years.  He started turning bowls in 2003.  Using primarily local woods, Gene also enjoys the occasional piece of specialty wood.  He states, “I like to start by turning the piece of wood round, then I look at the size of the piece of wood and its’ grain and I let it tell me what it wants to look like.  I just make what it tells me.”  Many of his pieces are enhanced with turquoise or other color accents.