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Emily Holcomb - Fiber & Jewelry

I am a maker; I like to manipulate and form things with my hands to create something that is a result of my own ideas.  In my imagination I can pursue any direction -- there are few boundaries, and my mind floods with ideas.  For me, the process of making is fascinating, freeing, invigorating, and totally relaxing.  Making and creating incorporates lots of questions, daydreaming, exploration, and play.  Creating and making art is like pursuing unconnected and foreign ideas with no recipe or map to follow -- kind of like fitting together  seemingly unrelated puzzle pieces with no image for reference.  The most exciting part of the art-making process is that a successfully completed art piece fills me with joy, inspiration, excitement, a renewed spirit -- and deeply satisfied.


My inspiration comes from the beauty and complexity of nature and the natural world.  Once an idea for a piece of art has begun to take form, I  become intrigued with ways to add extra texture, color, line, shape, and detail to my work.  I especially enjoy incorporating a variety of embellishments like beads, precious and semi-precious stones, fabric, paper, found objects, metals, dye, paint, and hand and machine stitching into my art.  

Emily Holcomb Jun 23-5
Emily Holcomb Jun 23-4
Emily Holcomb Jun 23-3
Emily Holcomb Jun 23-1
Emily Holcomb Jun 23-2
Emily Holcomb Jun 23-7
Emily Holcomb Jun 23-9
Emily Holcomb Jun 23-8
Emily Holcomb Jun 23-6
holcomb fabric2
holcomb fabric3
holcomb fabric7_edited
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