Cathy McManus - Acrylic and Watercolor Painting

Born and raised in El Paso, TX. Graduated University of Texas at Austin 1977 BS Advertising

Career started as an Apparel Designer and merchandiser which evolved into a career into the Homewares and Furniture Retail industry designing store layouts to internet sites and advertising and catalogues. Moved to NM in 2004 and continued working as a contractor for a major e-commerce retailer for 10 years.

Living in NM affords me with the lifestyle I had been seeking through it’s big wide open spaces, majestic mountains, blue skies, tranquil deserts and surprising  landscapes and colorful people.

My interests include photography , hiking and the travel in and around my home in Cedar Grove, NM. These life pleasures afford me inspiration to paint in water colors and acrylics. I have a passion for volunteer work and have experienced many adventures with volunteer groups like Back Country Horsemen, Defenders of Wildlife, Sierra Club a and Wildlife Guardians. Many of my animal water colors were inspired from conservation projects with these groups.

My work is also displayed at the Vista Grande Community Center in Sandia Park.


Facebook Page: CathyMcManusArt@cathymcmanusart



CMCM-Capitol Reef Cathy
CMCM-What's Up Jack final
CMCM-The Search
CMCM-Tagging By the Ancients final
CMCM-Riders to the Storm Final
CMCM-Stairway to Heaven
CMCM-Five Under The Sun
CMCM-Mustangs by the Light of the Moon