Susan Finch - Multimedia

Susan Finch has made art ever since she can remember. She has lived In Albuquerque for over 40 years, the ideal setting to be an artist. She paints with multiple mediums to include oils, acrylic, watercolor, pastel, inks, and egg tempera.

Egg tempera is a rare ancient technique of painting done by mixing dry powdered pigment with fresh egg yolk (the binder) to create paint. It is applied in thin multiple layers over a hardwood board coated in multiple layers of handmade absorbent gesso sanded smooth as glass. It is a laborious process that creates paintings with a lovely luminosity and depth.

Her passion in making art is to paint ordinary things in a different way by manipulating space, adding patterns, and lots of vibrant color. Her work is occasionally abstract but typically it is representational, sometimes realistic, often quirky. Her colorful and playful approach is her way to view the world as a happier place. Art makes life better.

Susan is a retired registered nurse of 40 years. She holds a BS in Nursing, a BA in Interior Design, and a Masters in Management.