Ric Speed - Digital Photography

Born in Dallas in 1945, Ric Speed grew up in many places in the United States; Pennsylvania, Arkansas, Colorado and Texas. He attended his first year in elementary school and college in Denver. He lived in Austin for 15 years and spent the Summer of Love (1967) living and working in a rock theater in San Francisco. He lived in Dallas in the ‘80’s and ‘90’s and worked as a computer programmer while finding expression of his creative side by being a member of Poetry Circus and Dancing Tongue, performance poetry groups. He was early on into personal computers, having a Timex-Sinclair 2000, a Commodore 64 and several Amigas. His first exposition of computer generated art was in 1984, being patterns generated on a long strip of calculator paper. He created animations on the Amiga and showed them on
Dallas Cable Access, winning an award for his show Cyberdelix. With the demise of Amiga in the ‘90’s, he moved to the PC, working in Photoshop beginning with version 2.5. In 2001, he moved to New Mexico and was an initial member of the Digital Fine Arts Society of New Mexico and participated in many of their shows. In 2007, he moved to Corrales, New Mexico and joined the Corrales Society of Artists and is now on their Board of Directors. His work varies from straight forward digital photography to highly manipulated photographs to purely computer generated fractals. Because of his wife’s interest in horses and equine assisted therapy, he has recently focused his art on pictures of horses, especially their noses which he finds to be their most expressive feature. In the manipulated, (or enhanced), works he tries to give a painterly feel to the photographs, focusing on texture, background and enhancement of details. He believes the computer has given artists everywhere the freedom to create new ways of thinking about and producing art, and Ric is doing his best to add to the global discussion.

Watching Mountain II W008
Quadro Cloudy
Venetian Mandala
Dipinto di Blu
Curious Ghost
Blue Marble
Blue Bush
Elusive Butterfly
Fuzzy Guadalupe Sebastian
Curious CroMo