Christiane Couvert - Porcelain

Bonjour, I grew up in Europe surrounded and immersed in cultures that play with the idea of “art” as it presents itself in our daily life and in work.  I was born in small village in Belgium into a family of artists that made art in various types of media like wood, painting, photography and sculpture.  As an adult I practiced a deeply satisfying career as a physical therapist in Belgium, Switzerland, and finally in France.  I enjoyed my vocation because I was able to work both with my hands, and with the goal of identifying and creating potential with my clients.  I found the art in my profession within the relationship and efforts between my clients and myself.  Working with clay or porcelain is also a relationship that is a joyful practice.  My eye for art is widely influenced and tuned by extensive traveling throughout many countries in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and parts of Asia.


When I sit at my wheel, I begin with a curiosity of the hidden shape contained within the lump of clay. Then it’s metamorphosis into something that I hope is both beautiful and functional.  The addition of wood into many of my pieces is a natural step in combining two basic elements of clay and wood into a finished piece.


Aside from the joy and inspiration that I receive from working with natural elements, I am also deeply moved when I use clay products because of the relationship this introduces with our ancient ancestors.  It is humbling that as much as 26,000 years ago ceramic objects were utilized in ceremonial rituals, and 12,000 years ago humans formed clay into handmade objects to cook, to store food & water, and to build shelters to protect themselves… 


Merci (Thank you) for looking at my work! If you happen to purchase an item I hope you enjoy and use it often as you participate in a tradition that goes back thousands of years 


Cordialement, christiane couvert