Abigail Eaton - Oil, Monotype/Mixed Media

Abigail Eaton has always loved art and is inspired by the big sky and natural beauty of New Mexico, her home for more than 40 years.


Having received her BA in Art History and Studio Art from the University of New Mexico, she continued her studies as a graduate student focusing on oil painting and Art Education. She was fortunate to do her student teaching under the guidance of Frank McCulloch with whom she explored monotype printmaking and taught lithography and intaglio. Abigail taught art through the Albuquerque Academy´s summer program for nine years, and had the opportunity to teach art to young children at Escuela Del Sol Montessori for one year.


She continues to explore new and exciting ways to portray New Mexico´s magnificent landscapes with oil paint, palette knives and brushes. Vibrant colors and rich textures fill her canvas. Abigail works from photo images and memories she captures during her travels throughout the Southwest.

Abigail Eaton
Impressions of Saint Francis
The White Horse
Textures of Sandia
The Watchers
Before the Storm
Summer Storm
Two Horses
Autumn on the Hill
In the Desert
Hot Spot